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On My Journey

A lifelong artist born & raised in Tampa, Florida before relocating our lives & businesses to Brooksville. I grew up exploring traditional art, drawing for as long as I can remember. I spent my life perfecting my craft & taking art classes every year in school. My love for photography started in middle school & only grew after discovering my high school’s black room. I’ve come a long way from that Disney Princess film camera, haha!

I became a mom in my early twenties when I decided to take life seriously & enter the customer service world while taking nursing classes at night. I strayed far from art as I got lost in adulthood & being a mother. Until the summer of 2016 when my father opened a restaurant & asked me to create his menus.

Graphic design was discovered & I found the wonderful digital world of art. A digital & print world of design where I could combine my love for both art AND photography. By that fall I enrolled in Full Sail’s Graphic Design program & graduated with my bachelor’s degree in October 2019. Since then, I worked as a freelance artist, designer, & photographer while homeschooling my kids & operating our family home improvement business (which also opened in October 2019).

My experience is broad & deep, making me a valuable tool full of knowledge that I LOVE to share with the world! No longer a freelance anything because 2022 is ALL business!! If you’ve been here before, you’re probably thinking that things are different… they are. This is now a personal website & portfolio. A place to inspire others while I express myself & continue to perfect my craft through art -of all kinds. For photography, graphic design & other professional services, you can refer to their corresponding businesses which I will have more information on during this year.

So, feel free to take a look around. Most of the art on this site can be purchased on my shop website, which you can check out below. Or you can use the contact page to request an illustrated portrait, custom art, photo edits, & more!

Power of Visualization Ebook Bundle

I truly don’t believe in keeping secrets when it comes to mental health, success, or being better as a human being. But I also believe that the biggest challenge when approaching anything in life is our mindset, because it is the foundation of us! Too often we think the enemy is business competition or outsiders looking in but the real enemy is ourselves. I’ve started selling this book as a way to inspire & motivate others to do what they’ve always wanted to do. To take the steps needed to achieve the life you want!!

A guide to inspire, encourage, & help you get out of your own way to change the course of your life by manifesting your reality. Powerful changes happen when we shift our mindset & establish habits that set us up for success so, I’m offering the entire bundle at a DISCOUNTED price in hopes that it reaches those in need!!

The bundle includes: a checklist that contains a step-by-step action plan to help you get the most out of the guide while providing clarity with easy-to-follow actions AND a mind map that’s perfect for ‘visual’ learners outlining everything you are going to discover throughout the entire course!! For an added BONUS, you will also receive an EXTRA FREE ebook “Vision Boards Made Easy” to help jumpstart your visions!

Power of Visualization Ebook Bundle

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